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Welcome to the forum

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:58 pm

Welcome to the forum. This is being set up as a trial discussion forum for BHFT Governors.

Potentially other groups could be set up.

We want to control membership - in other words this will be a private forum so new members must be added or approved by the administrator. Probably it is desirable to have more than one admin function - or for several of us to share the admin user id.

One of the advantage of this sort of system is that a structure can be imposed - for example a 'Reading' area, a 'Slough' area, a 'Mental Health' area and so on. Probably it is desirable for topics to belong (ie are accessed) from more than one area. So a discussion about CAMHS Reading should be visible from the young people area, mental health area, and from Reading area.

An alternative to consider is Google which can integrate with the Governors Calendar and Email - all with one user ID and password. Possibly security and structure may be an issue.


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